Rudolf Rost Sperrholz GmbH

Rudolf Rost Sperrholz GmbH was founded in 1969 and produces special materials for the outfitting of all kinds of means of transport, road, railway, marine.

In the marine and shipbuilding industries they certify their products as "non-combustible" and low flame spread.

Their main product lines are Jelmo® panels and Varo Foam, a very light composite material: Jelmo® fulfils the demand of DIN 5510/S4, it is glued with phenole and qualified for outside usage. Jelmo® has already established excellent as ceilings and wall panelling, padded seats and dividing walls.

Varo Foam is used for the production of air ducts and plenum very easy to instal and are both soundproof and thermic.

Rudolf Rost and SB Group have started working together on the Italian market quite recently, but have already obtained significant results with applications on mega yachts.

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