Lautex OY

Lautex OY, founded in 1951, is a specialized manufacturing company of suspended metal ceilings for the construction and shipbuilding industries.

Aesthetic, fireproof and light, Lautex metal ceilings are especially suitable for the shipbuilding industry. The most common materials used in the construction of Lautex metal ceilings are aluminium and steel.

Lautex suspended metal ceilings are certified in fire resistance classes C, B-0 and B-15, thus meeting the requirements of the official authorities. All their metal ceilings have passed the flue gas and non-toxicity-tests. Outfitting in the shipbuilding industry is often characterised by the customers' special wishes.

The cooperation between SB Group and Lautex started in 2009; this enabled us to enrich the packages that we offer for the ships' sundivision and outfitting.

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