Jets AS

Sanitary systems made to please

The best choice for a sewage vacuum collecting system Jets Vacuum AS was founded in 1986 - at that time only one producer of vacuum systems was dominating the market and the need of another supplier able to break the monopoly was strongly felt.

Olav Hofseth, founder of the Company, was inspired by two very simple criteria to obtain a successful product: to invent a better product at a lower cost. The result was obtained. To generate vacuum, Olav Hofseth combined a macerator to a simple helical screw pump, thus obtaining a system of great capacity, with a smaller and more compact design, with no need for accumulation/circulation tank.

In the course of years the system was developed and the Vacuumarator™ pump invented by Jets Vacuum AS has been a great success and revolutionized the vacuum sanitation industry: Three fundamental functions are united in one single machine: collection, maceration and transfer of sewage.

The Vacuumarator™ pump comes today in different sizes (10, 15, 25, 65, 250) and can be installed on all kinds of vessels, from the small boat with 2, 3 toilets to the largest cruise ship.

Jets Vacuum AS has been the first Company represented by Stelio Bardi srl since 1989 and thanks also to the very solid co-operation the product, adapted to better meet the Italian market requirements especially in the fields of big yachts and cruise ships, has penetrated the market. Today the quality of the product and the existing sale and post-sale assistance network make Jets Vacuum AS the leader of the Italian market .

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