Il Seung Co Ltd

Il Seung CO. LTD has been a leading marine machinery manufacturer since 1988 and is continuously developing and researching newer and better technology. At first Il Seung developed and manufactured filter type fuel and lubricating oil purifiers and tubular type fresh water generators. In 1999 they start the production of biological type sewage treatment plants and in 2008 they go on with the new generation of biological sewage treatment plants in compliance with IMO Rule [MEPC. 159 (55)].

They supply all major Korean shipyards (Daewoo, STX, SPP, Samsung, Hyundai, Hanjin, etc.) and Chinese shipyards and they closely co-operate with Jets™ Korea with the purpose of offering a well studied sewage collecting+treatment package able to satisfy the final user for the entire duration of the ship's life.

SB Group proposes Il Seung treatment plants matched to Jets™ vacuum collecting systems as well as the evaporators to all Italian shipowners, particularly to those building their ships in Korea and in China. SB Group also guarantees after-sale assistance.

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