About Us

Stelio Bardi Srl Stelio Bardi srl represents several companies in the marine field, all selected carefully and tested in the course of several years of close co-operation based on mutual trust.

The company was formed in 1989, thanks to the vision of Stelio Bardi, who began to bring previously-unknown marine products to Italy, after having ended his career as a ship’s engineer, and having worked as a salesman for an important Swedish company.

Stelio Bardi srl representatives are former merchant marine officers with experience onboard ships.

They are at ease with customers everywhere: at shipyards, or when talking with purchasers, technicians, or inspectors. Today Stelio Bardi srl offers products to all Italian shipyards, to mega-yacht builders, to ship owners and consultants.

  • Spare parts for main and auxiliary engines and relevant maintenance.
  • The newest technologies related to anti-pollution systems, such as bilge oily water separators, ballast water treatment, vacuum sewage systems, sewage treatment plants.
  • New and traditional outfitting materials for all kinds of ships and yachts: fire-rated panels for bulkheads, floors and ceilings, floating floors, external and internal doors and a lot more.