Blücher Metal AS

Blücher was founded in 1965 and has grown into one of Europe's leading stainless steel drainage products and systems specialists. Customers all over the world appreciate its know-how, dedicated service and common sense. From light to heavy-duty, from housing to maritime use, all the products are produced in stainless steel giving users high quality and long product life-time while requiring minimum maintenance.

Blücher's wide variety of products includes "Europipe" standard stainless steel drainage systems and a large range of internal and external scuppers. Customised drainage items and solutions can be developed together with customers.

Particular and innovative products are the stainless steel deck penetrations and scuppers that can be welded directly on decks and on alluminium bulheads. Multiple deck penetrations have been recently homologated. Through quality stainless steel products and drainage solutions that lead waste water away, Blücher is committed to the promise of keeping up the flow.

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